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Welcome to Latrobe Animal Clinic! For immediate assistance on the health of small animals, dogs, and cats, we are the right company to call. Our experienced and knowledgeable veterinarian is Dr. Ben Helman DVM. He is ready to take care of your most loved pets.

Veterinarian - Latrobe, PA - Latrobe Animal Clinic

About Latrobe Animal Clinic:

  • Select emergencies handled only during hours of operation
  • Small animals, dogs, and cats
  • Microchipping
  • Prescription diets

Contact Latrobe Animal Clinic today at 724-539-8531.

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Latrobe Animal Clinic 5767 RT 981 Latrobe, PA 15650
Latrobe Animal Clinic
5767 RT 981 Latrobe
PA 15650

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